Apple iMac, Macbook,iPad & iPhone Repairing Cost in Dubai

Price: Starting from 100 AED

Diagnosis Time: 60 Minutes

Repair Time: 1-2 Days

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Pricing List of Macbook Repair and Mac Osx upgrade From 100 AED onwards :

Type of Service Price AED Time
Macbook Air A2237 & A2179 Display Screen Replacement approx 750 AED 2 hour
Macbook Pro A2338 Screen Replacement approx 850 AED 3 months warranty 2 hours
Macbook Pro A1706 & A1708 Screen Replacement approx 750 AED 3 months warranty 2 hours
Macbook Pro A1502 & A1398 Battery Repalcement approx 350 AED 2 hours
Macbook Pro 16" A2141 & A2159 Battery Repalcement approx 450 AED 6 months warranty 1 day
Macbook Air A1932, A2337 & A2338 Battery Replacement approx 400 AED 6 montjhs warranty 2 Hours day
Macbook Pro 16" org Lcd Screen A2141 & A2159 approx 2500 AED 3 months warranty 2 hrs
Macbook Pro 15" Used Org Screen A1707 & A1990 approx 1000 & 1500 AED 2 hour
Macbook Pro Retina used screen A1398 & 1502 approx 750-950 AED one month warranty 2 hour 
Macbook Pro Battery A1706 & A1708 approx 350 AED 3 months warranty 2 hrs 
Macbook Air Org A1466 used Screen approx 450 AED 2 hrs 
Macbook Air A1466 OEM Screen A1466 approx 700 2-3 hrs 
Macbook Air OEM LCD Screen A1932 approx 850 AED 2-3 Hours  
Macbook 12" used LCd Screen A1534 approx 800 AED 3 Hours 
Macbook Air A1465/A1370" used Screen approx 350 AED 2 hour 
Macbook Air Keybaord Repalcement approx 300 AED 2 Hours 
Macbook Pro 15" Retina Keyboard Replacement approx 350 AED 2-3 hrs 
Replacing of Macbook Pro 13" & 15" Retina Battery approx 375 AED 6 months warranty 2 hrs 
Macbook Pro 1398 Graphic intergrated intel Chipset approx 300 AED 1 Days
Dead Macbook Air 1466 Repair Starts from approx 250-550 AED 1-2 Days
Cleaning from moisture approx 250 AED 2 hrs 
Macbook and iMac Repair of the motherboard approx 500-1200 AED 1-2 Days
Replacing the 1 TB HDD(dep. vol) approx 300-500 2-4 hours
Macbook Replacing the SSD 500 GB(dep. vol) aprrox 300-350 AED 2 hrs 
Macbook A1278 / A1286 Replacing the trackpad approx 200 AED 2 hrs 
iMac old Glass Replacement approx 350 AED 2 hrs 
iMac A1418 Lcd Screen Replacement approx 1100 AED 4 hrs 
iMac A1419 Screen Replacement 2k approx 1600 AED 5 hrs 
iMac old 1 TB SSD Replacement approx 550 4 hrs 
iMac A1418 & A1419 1TB SSD Replacement approx 750 AED one year warranty 5 hrs 
iMac A1418 & A1419 2TB SSD Replacement approx 850 one year warranty 5 hrs 
Software installation approx 100-350 3 hrs 
Software with backup approx 100-250 AED 1 Days
iPad Pro (2021, 2020, 2018) Screen Repalcement approx 900-1500 AED 1 Day
iPad Air (2022) Screen Replacement approx 250-350 1 Day
iPad 10.2 (2021, 2020, 2019) Screen Replacement/td> approx 750-1000 1 Day 
iPad mini (2021, 2019) Screen Replacement approx 400 1 Day
Older iPad models Screen Replacement approx 150-400 3 hours
iPhone 6 & 7 models Screen Replacement approx 150-200 AED 3 hours
iPhone 8 & X models Screen Replacement approx 300-350 AED 3 hours
iPhone 11 & 12 models Screen Replacement approx 650-1000 4 hours
iPhone 13 models Screen Replacement approx 1000-1400 4 hours
Apple Watch all models Screen Replacement approx 275-650 1 Day

You can avail Free Pickup and Delivery or Visit Our Service Centre with the above Price List.
*Price may different with different models, please talk to our agent before place an order.

** we use only Genuine parts
** Diagnosis need to complete to give you the final price

The MacBook is a series of laptops from Apple, and they are considered to be the best in the market. These machines may require repair from time to time, and you need to find the right professional people to fix your MacBook. At iMac Service Centre, we have experts who will do all your MacBook repairs in Dubai as they have immense experience dealing with quality products. We undertake the repair of all Apple laptop devices like the MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro.

Most of the times, the issues that arise with a MacBook are because of mechanical damage to the device components. The number one reason people bring in a MacBook for repair is that they have spilled liquid on the device. In cases like this, independent repair can lead to malfunction of the laptop. We employ qualified professionals who guarantee a thorough Apple MacBook repair in Dubai.

When we do a MacBook maintenance, we check the performance, capacity and do accurate device diagnostics. We also perform a complete software installation for your MacBook. All the work that we do comes with a warranty.

Free MacBook diagnostics at iMac service center

A free MacBook diagnostic is mandatory with each visit of the customer, and it precedes the major set of repair works. If there is no diagnostic work done, then the engineer will not be able to identify the exact problem and the expert will not be able to give the repair cost. This is the reason that this stage of the repair is free of charge for all the clients.

Urgent MacBook repair in Dubai

If you want your MacBook repaired quickly in Dubai, we can offer you an urgent MacBook repair at our service centre where our engineers will perform quick diagnostics. They will also determine the cause of the damage and give the final cost. The diagnostics at 800fixing are free, and you have to pay only after the repair works are complete.

Repair work completion stages

  • You can deliver the device to our office personally or call us to arrange a courier.
  • When we repair any MacBook, we give you a document confirming our commitment.
  • As soon as the diagnostics are complete, the manager will call you and report the cause of the damage and the cost of fixing it.
  • You only have to pay after the service is provided and the performance of the laptop is checked.
  • We provide a warranty card after payment.

Why customers choose iMac Service Centre

We are a specialized center for Apple MacBook and devices repair in Dubai, and we have an experienced team of engineers who are masters at their craft. There are many advantages that we have over other services in the city:

  • Free MacBook diagnostics.
  • We perform repairs of any complexity.
  • Our specialists are qualified to repair Apple devices.
  • Most of the work is completed in a day.
  • We provide 45 days warranty on All Macbook's Repairs
  • We are an Apple service center in the heart of Dubai.
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